How to Change Fishing Reel from Left to Right?

Here is the simple Answer on How to Change Fishing Reel from Left to Right

  • Swap the reel handle to the other side.

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Having the proper tools and settings can significantly improve your fishing experience. The handle’s location on your fishing reel is an essential factor to consider.

How to Switch the Fishing Reel from Left-Handed to Right-Handed?
How to Switch the Fishing Reel from Left-Handed to Right-Handed?

The handle of most fishing reels is typically installed on the left side by default. However, you could switch the reel handle from left to right if you are right-handed or prefer a different layout. This article will walk you through How to Change a Fishing Reel from Left to Right.

Understanding Reel Handles

The reel handle is the component that allows you to retrieve the fishing line. It is usually located on one side of the reel, either left or right.

The handle is attached to a shaft that connects to the reel’s internal gears, enabling you to reel in or let out the fishing line.

Understanding Reel Handles
Understanding Reel Handles

Changing the handle position allows you to customize your reel to suit your dominant hand and personal preference.

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Benefits of Changing the Reel from Left to Right

Benefits of Changing the Reel from Left to Right
Benefits of Changing the Reel from Left to Right

Changing the reel handle from left to right offers several benefits, especially if you are right-handed. Here are a few advantages of switching to a right-handed setup:
Improved Ergonomics: Reeling with your dominant hand can provide better control and comfort while fishing, allowing for smoother and more precise movements.
Reduced Fatigue: Using your more robust hand to reel in the fishing line can minimize fatigue, allowing you to fish for extended periods without straining your muscles.
Enhanced Dexterity: If you perform other tasks, such as casting or manipulating bait, with your dominant hand, having the reel handle on the same side can enhance your agility and coordination.
Familiarity: If you are accustomed to using right-handed reels or have been using them in other fishing setups, changing your reel handle to the right side will feel more natural and familiar.

Follow these steps to change the fishing reel handle from the default left side to the right side:

Gather the Necessary Tools

Before you begin, make sure you have the following tools handy:

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  • Screwdriver (specific type may vary depending on the reel model)
  • Dust cap removal tool (if applicable)
  • Soft cloth or towel

Remove the Dust Cap

If your fishing reel has a dust cap covering the handle screw, use a dust cap removal tool or a small screwdriver to pry it off carefully. Set the dust cap aside in a safe place to avoid misplacing it.

Locate the Reel Handle

Once the dust cap is removed, locate the reel handle on the left side of the reel. It is typically attached to the reel body by a screw or bolt.

Remove the Handle Screw

Using the appropriate screwdriver, loosen and remove the handle screw. Place the screw securely; you will need it later to reattach the handle.

Adjust the Handle Position

After removing the handle screw, gently pull the handle away from the reel body. Please pay attention to how the handle is positioned so that you can replicate it on the right side.

Now, align the handle with the right side of the reel. Ensure it fits securely into the reel body and aligns with the gear mechanism.

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Reattach the Handle Screw

Once the handle is appropriately positioned on the right side, take the handle screw and insert it into the designated hole on the reel body.

Tighten the screw securely, but be careful not to overtighten it as it may damage the reel.

Test the Reel

With the handle successfully attached to the right side, please give it a test run. Rotate the handle clockwise to ensure that the reel spins smoothly and effortlessly.

If everything functions properly, you have successfully changed the fishing reel handle from left to right.

How to Change Fishing Reel from Left to Right.

Tips for Changing the Reel Smoothly

Refer to the reel manufacturer’s instructions or manual for specific guidelines or precautions for your reel model.
Clean the handle screw and reel body before reattaching the handle to prevent debris or dirt from affecting the reel’s performance.
Apply a small amount of reel oil or lubricant to the handle screw and gear mechanism to ensure smooth operation.
Double-check the tightness of the handle screw periodically, especially after extended use, to prevent any loosening or wobbling during fishing.


The fishing experience can be much improved by switching the fishing reel’s handle from left to right, especially if you are right-handed. You can modify your reel to fit your dominant hand, enhance ergonomics, and lessen strain by following the detailed techniques provided in this article. In the above portion of my blog, i have write a complete guide on ” How to Change Fishing Reel from Left to Right “

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