How to Catch Small Fish without Rod rdr2?

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  • Use a fishing rod in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) to catch small fish.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) is a popular open-world video game known for its immersive gameplay and attention to detail.

One of the many activities you can engage in is fishing. While the game provides a fishing rod to catch fish, there are alternative methods to catch small fish without a rod. In this article, we will discuss How to Catch Small Fish without Rod rdr2.

Using the Bow and Arrow

If you don’t have access to a fishing rod in RDR2, one alternative method is to use the bow and arrow. Equip your bow, aim at the fish in the water, and rapidly release the arrow.

This method requires skill and accuracy, but it can be rewarding to catch small fish.

Hand Fishing

Another unconventional method is to try catching small fish with your bare hands. Wade into shallow water and watch for small fish swimming near the surface. Once you spot one, slowly approach it and grab it with your hands. Be careful not to scare the fish away or accidentally harm it.

Improvised Fishing Tools

In the absence of a fishing rod, you can create improvised fishing tools using the resources available in the game.

For example, you can fashion a fishing spear using a long stick and a sharp object like a knife. This method lets you catch small fish by thrusting the spear into the water when you spot them.

Catching Small Fish Near the Shoreline

Small fish often gather near the shoreline, making it an ideal spot to catch them without a fishing rod.

Position yourself close to the water’s edge and watch for any movement or ripples indicating the presence of small fish. Once you spot them, use your hands or improvised fishing tools to catch them.

Utilizing Animal Bait

Animal bait, such as bread or cheese, can attract small fish. Find a suitable location near the water, place the bait in the water, and wait for the fish to approach. Once they are within reach, you can use your hands or improvised fishing tools to catch them.

Fishing with Dynamite

If you’re feeling adventurous, using dynamite can be an unconventional but effective way to catch small fish.

Find a spot where small fish are concentrated, throw the dynamite into the water, and watch the explosion send the fish to the surface. Quickly collect the stunned fish before they sink back down.

Exploring Unique Fishing Locations

In RDR2, various unique fishing locations offer different opportunities to catch small fish. Explore the game world and look for places like small ponds, creeks, or rivers with visible fish. These locations often have an abundance of small fish waiting to be caught.

Taking Advantage of Legendary Fish

While legendary fish are usually larger, they can still be valuable for your collection. Watch for legendary fish in the game; catching them can reward you with unique items and achievements. Legendary fish can often be found in specific areas, so research their locations beforehand.

Utilizing Small-Sized Lures

Although you don’t have a fishing rod, you can still use small-sized lures to attract and catch small fish. Attach a small lure to a makeshift fishing line, such as a string, and cast it into the water. Slowly reel it in, mimicking the movement of a small injured fish to entice the smaller fish to bite.

Observing Fish Behavior

Take some time to observe the behaviour of small fish in the game. They often swim in schools or have specific patterns. Understanding their behaviour can help you predict their movements and increase your chances of catching them without a fishing rod.

Night Fishing

Some small fish are more active during the night. Utilize the cover of darkness to your advantage by going fishing at night. Carry a light source like a lantern to see the fish more clearly and employ the techniques mentioned earlier to catch them.

Practising Patience and Stealth

Patience and stealth are crucial when catching small fish without a rod. Move slowly, and avoid making sudden movements or loud noises that could scare away the fish.

Approach the water cautiously and take your time to increase your chances of success.

The Importance of Scent Control

Fish in RDR2 can be sensitive to scents. Use scent control methods like applying cover scent lotion or washing yourself before attempting to catch small fish. This will help mask your scent and prevent the fish from detecting your presence.

Catching Small Fish During Rainfall

During rainfall, small fish are more active as they take advantage of the increased food supply and decreased visibility. Head out to fish during a rainy day or wait for a rain shower to begin. You can improve your chances of catching small fish with the proper techniques.

Using Small Animal Carcasses as Bait

Small fish are attracted to the scent of decaying animal carcasses. Use this to your advantage by finding small animal carcasses like rats or birds and placing them in the water as bait. Wait patiently for the fish to approach and seize the opportunity to catch them.


Although having a fishing rod in RDR2 provides convenience, several alternative methods exist to catch small fish without one. From using the bow and arrow to hand fishing and improvised tools, you can employ various techniques to enjoy the thrill of catching fish in the game. Remember to be patient, observant, and adapt your strategy. Happy fishing! In the above portion of my blog, i have written a complete guide on ” How to Catch Small Fish without Rod rdr2

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